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Did this really just happen?!
Lol Bye, Felisha!

were can I watch season 4 of the walking dead!? I need to finish this and it isn’t on Netflix:’(



How come you seem to be ignoring the messages I sent you?

I answered your message, go find it.

Also, why do you seem to think it's wrong for gay men (such as Dan Savage) to be angry at society as a whole, and to openly express that anger? Do you even understand how difficult it is to be gay in this day and age? Of course he's angry. He's probably been bullied for most of his life. Why don't you care about that?

Being gay is a sin! (Delete me if you may) But that’s all everyone heard come out of Phil’s mouth they sow that and that was it, they didn’t care what else he said because god for bid this guy actually tell the truth I mean what was people really going to expect to come out of his mouth? They pray at the end of EVERY show! He lives by the bible, he said they don’t judge people for being different and no one seems to care about that!

All I’m saying about the whole Duck Dynasty deal!

I want people to talk to tonightttt!!

about anything I don’t mind, im just super bored.. PLEASEEEEE?!??

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saturday-night rant.. dont read its pointless just had to say shit and get it off my mind..

I swear its just not meant for me to be with anyone, it does not matter what kind of guys I go for they don’t like me back the way I like them, I try so hard and give these guys 150% and I’m still not good enough for not one single one of them to like me back. Like what the fuck is wrong with me?! If I don’t have sex with them they leave me, if I have sex with them they leave me. Why does it always have to be about sex, why cant you just love me and fucking care about me or at least not fucking lead me on, this is really getting to be to much and I don’t know how much more I can take of it. I would be a great girlfriend I don’t cheat I’m faithful and trustworthy. This is pointless Ill never be good enough and that’s, that.

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I will be 21 in 19 days, you all!

Im pretty excited:P

but im bored as well, soooo kik me @kyhenson


I’m a ferm believer of “pictures, or it didnt happen”.

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follow me pleaseeeee(;

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Someone come rub my legs, I worked all night and they hurt so bad:(

Anyone wanna get me these for my birthday?! No! Ok:/

if you change your mind I’m a size 7 and only in blue!(: